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I’ve been procrastinating on posting here because I finally took the plunge and bought my own domain name and I’m moving this over to a self-hosted blog. I was hoping it would be done by now, but we’re still tweaking a few things.

I didn’t forget about Weight Loss Wednesday either. Unfortunately, this week Weight Loss Wednesday became “have-a-tooth-pulled Wednesday” The day started off bad and only got worse. I lived with some jaw pain all day on Tuesday and by the time I woke up on Wednesday, it was unbearable. I woke up late Wednesday morning. I was running so late that I forgot to weigh myself and I forgot to take my blood sugar reading. I got to work and called the dentist’s office as soon as they opened. They got me a 10:30 appointment so I left work early and headed over there. I don’t know what I was expecting, but them telling me that I had a tooth that needed to come out right then and there was not it. When they told me I had to have a tooth pulled I said okay, I’ll make an appointment. They said no, it needs to be done now. Well okay then. I’ve never had a tooth pulled before.

This tooth is waaaaaaaaaaaaay in the back on the upper left hand side. The good Dr. got me all numbed up and away he went tugging and pulling and snipping and oh my god the sounds!!! No one should ever have to hear their tooth crunching and breaking and hear the roots being snipped. I still shudder now just thinking about it. Needless to say, after the Novocaine wore off, I was in a good amount of pain. The good Dr. gave me plenty of hydrocodone and that is what has kept me relatively sane the past two days. Unfortunately, I had to return to work today, and that means just plain old ibuprofen for pain, and that shit ain’t cutting it.

I’m counting the hours until I can return home and take real meds to take the edge off the pain. On the plus side, I did remember to weigh myself this morning and I’ve lost a pound. I was hoping for a bit more, but losing anything is better than gaining.

Weight Loss Wednesday will be back next week in full force and, with any luck, on the new site!


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